Visiting the Snow– Holiday suggestions to bring / purchase / hire or consider

  • Ski/board equipment is available to purchase/hire in Cooma, Jindabyne, Perisher & elsewhere. The Perisher website:

  • Bring waterproof & wind proof suitable ski clothing – layers of clothing is the best option, & waterproof ski gloves, hats (beanies), neck warmers & goggles. 

  • Check clothing for "ratings" which means how wind & waterproof clothing is eg: a 5000 - 10,000 wind and water rating is generally acceptable for Australia.  Ask the ski shop attendant for information / guidance.

  • Consider obtaining thermal underwear – you will appreciate them and their benefits.

  • Your equipment for the chosen activity - skiing, boarding or other.  We provide ski locks for boards & ski's for use at the Eiger Chalet for overnight storage.  If you own your equipment or hiring, possibly purchase a ski lock to lock your equipment whilst having lunch on the hill.  Most unfortunately, ski's & boards get stolen by people not staying in Perisher and whom just visit the area for the day to steal equipment to later sell online.  Check your travel insurance to see if you would be covered incase of theft.

  • Obtain approved rated sunglasses for everyone – in particularly children.

  • Bring or hire waterproof footwear – eg: leather hiking boots (high tops) or snow boots.                           Running shoes/joggers are NOT suitable for walking in deep snow. Snow falls over 5cm will go straight into the runners and your feet will be wet!

  • If you have purchased an online ski hire package from Perisher, please read the conditions as some hire packages stipulate they have to be collected from Bullocks Flat (located at the base of the skitube) 

Protecting yourself & family from variable weather elements:

  • Sunscreen & lip balm – Factor 30 or higher andre-apply on all family / friends several times per day. The reflection from the snow PLUS the high altitude makes sunburn & windburn exceptionally likely even in overcast weather.  The weather (sun & wind) is more harsh / damaging than being at the beach !!!!

  • Skiing is a high activity sport so water bottles are a great suggestion to re-hydrate.

  • Once all of the above equipment has been collected, a small back pack to carry the equipment or place in a locker is a great recommendation.  Lockers are available for hire at Perisher & Smiggins .


  • Bring your own toiletries – if you do forget something there is a small supermarket located in the Perisher Ski Tube building & a pharmacy located in the Perisher Centre or there are various large supermarkets area available in Cooma and Jindabyne on your way.


  • Travel & Ambulance Insurance – should an accident or health incident occur, ensure you & your family / friends are covered by travel insurance or your private health care cover (if applicable). Ambulance fees (by road or air) to Cooma or Canberra hospitals are expensive if not covered by some form of insurance/ambulance cover.

  • Please read the Mountain Safety key notes including the “Alpine Responsibility Code” found on & ensure all your friends & family are aware of their duty whilst enjoying the snow sport activities.

  • Kids and helmets: visit to realise the importance of keeping your special little people safe!!!

  • We highly recommend all guests boarding or skiing to consider the benefits of wearing helmets.

  • Another very useful web page for staying safe in the alpine areas is: